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Results: MetrO League 3 - Oatley Park

Bennelong has again flexed it's orienteering muscles and achieved three wins from three at this week's MetrO League. The new map at Oatley park made good use of he limited space, with coverage up and around the marshlands to the north. At the council's request courses were kept close to trails to avoid too much bush bashing. That meant that speed was important, and was not getting distracted and missing that boulder just off the track that has a control hidden behind it! Course times were down from the typical 40+ minutes with most runners in the 30-40 minute range. We again were able to fill all of our teams and had a pretty good allocation between the divisions. In Division B Garingal's Daniel Hill and Toby Wilson took the first two places, but Bennelong's strong team performance brought us the win, with all of our runners achieving times of 34-37 minutes. Division C had runners reasonably well grouped too, with Rodney our lead runner scoring a sizeable 9 points followed 26 seconds later by Terry with 8 points. Division D had a strong win with a good lead on Uringa. Julian had an excellent time of 29:25 followed by Peter Thomason in 30:44. The times were again quite close, with David, new to our club this year achieving a time of 32:54 and scoring 6 points! Well done everyone!

  Division B          
  Win! Bennelong Northside 29 Garingal Monitors 26  
  Division C          
  Win! Bennelong Northside 29 Illawarra Kareelah 26  
  Division D          
  Win! Bennelong Northside 35 Uringa Falcons 20  


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