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Moonlit Madness at Roseville

Last Wednesday night, Garingal Orienteers hosted an after dark orienteering event at Rosevile. Despite the cool weather the event managed to attract 53 competitors, along with their 53 torches and headlamps. The lack of daylight certainly makes the event quite different. The narrow beam of a headlamp means you've got to be looking right at something before you see it. If you're planning to run down that walkway between houses, you better know where it'll be. To make things a little easier there are reflective collars on all of the controls. If you get the angle right, sometimes you can actually spot the control 50 metres out. On the other hand, if someone has nicked off with the control the backup tape is a lot harder to find. ​Read on...

The course took us down into Seven Little Australians Park. The tracks through the park are not so narrow but with the single light source being strapped to your head, you loose a bit of your depth perception and it was best to take it a little easier running up and down all those stone steps. For those runners seeking higher scores there was also the option of ducking out to the Pacific Highway for some controls, though I'm sure they lost any points they gained in time penalty when they got mesmerized by the smell drifting out the front doors of the charcoal chicken place.

Two Bennelongers made it two the event: Joel Putnam in 10th place with 520 points and Darren Slattery in 15th with 480. Full results are available in the Garingal site here. Big thanks to Lisa Grant for setting a great course!

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