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Perfect Sunshine for Pennant Hills!

With a week of very dramatic rain leading up to the event, we were all getting prepared to run in our raincoats, but on Saturday the skies cleared and Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day for orienteering! You could have been forgiven for mistaking some of the tracks for creeks, but in general there wasn't much mud to been seen. The rain meant that all the waterfalls were in show and the creek crossings were exciting! Keep reading for more info and the results! Bennelong Northside hosted the event; The first taking on the bushland at Pennant Hills in a few years. The bush there is now quite thick and a mapping update saw a lot of the white change to green. And a slow green at that! Some careful course setting kept the controls close to the tracks. But with the bush as thick as it was you needed to dive off the tracks in the right spot or you could easily lose 5 minutes! Some of the braver (or should I say, less smarter) orienteers tried to go it cross-country between controls only to be passed by those running on the tracks. 102 MetrO League contestents 12 junior leaguers and 45 enter-on-the-dayers showed in what was a great turn out for a weekend event. All in all the park provided an excellent playground for us orienteers! Big thanks to Wayne Pepper as event organiser, course-setter Joel Putnam (who set his first line course) and Graham Galbraith for sharing his many years of course-setter knowledge with Joel and getting all those control out. Thanks also to all the other Bennelong Northside members who made the event a success by taking EOD entries, managing Sportidents, writing up times and picking up the controls! Times for all MetrOleague contestants are now up on the results page.

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