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Wins for Bennelong at the MetrO League Finals!

On Sunday, Bennelong Northside competed in the MetrO League finals for 2014. The course was on the Cecil Hills map, at an area we haven't visited before. The map has a lot of open areas so the running was generally fast. Our Division 4 team won against Garingal to take the Premiereship. In Division 5 we placed 2nd, Division 2 3rd and Division 1 4th. With two teams being promoted to higher divisions in 2014 it was a chalenging year for Bennelong but we have had great results. Of special mention are our Division 4 and 5 teams which have a good number of new members trying non-street orienteering for the first time. 

  Division 1          
  Loss Bennelong Northside 22 Garingal 27  
  Division 2          
  Win! Bennelong Northside 31 Southern Highlands 24  
  Division 4          
  Win! Bennelong Northside 31 Garingal 24  
  Division 5          
  Loss Bennelong Northside 25 Southern Highlands 30  


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