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Results: MetrO League 4 - Centennial Park

The sun surprised us all and made an appearance for the fourth round of the MetrO League series. Celebrating 40 years on the Centennial Park map, Uringa put together a nice suite of courses at Sydney's city park. Mostly flat, the biggest challenges were the boggy grass and the masses of cyclists, runners, prams and vehicles that swarm the park on weekends. Unfortunatey we were down on numbers this round and we couple only field 4 out of 5 possible runners in each division. Thanks to a surprise attendance by Richard Morris and his best Division B time of 27:23 we were able to take the lead in Division B. Carl Supit, Bennelong's newest member achieved a time of 58:04 in Division D, doing quite well in his first ever MetrO League event. Also new to the club this year, David McGhee continues to show he is a strong contender, with our best time in Division C.

  Division B          
  Win! Bennelong Northside 30 Uringa Harriers 24  
  Division C          
  Loss Bennelong Northside 24 Southern Highlands 30  
  Division D          
  Loss Bennelong Northside 24 Uringa Kites 30  

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