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June 2013

Results: MetrO League 4 - Manly Dam

Full results here

The curse of the NOSH weather was threatening to make a reappearance for the MetrO League today, but after a very wet Saturday night (with over 50mm), the rain stopped at about a quarter to 10, just in time for the MetrO League starts. The trails were all under a couple of inches of water which made for a fun run around Manly Dam. Due to the thickness of the bush, Terry kept controls close to the tracks and the trick was to keep a keen eye and know when to leave the trail. Bennelong Northside had another good day. All four of our divisions were against Uringa - Central Coast and we took all divisions bar Division 2, where our competition was extremely quick.

  Division 2          
  Loss Bennelong Northside 23 Uringa - C. Coast 32  
  Division 3          
  Win! Bennelong Northside 34 Uringa - C. Coast 20  
  Division 4          
  Win! Bennelong Northside 34 Uringa - C. Coast 20  
  Division 5          
  Win! Bennelong Northside 35 Uringa - C. Coast 14  

Paddy Pallin Rogaine Results

Congratulations to all Bennelong members who competed in the Paddy Pallin Rogaine yesterday. There were some outstanding results from our club members. From the results list there were 234 teams starting.
Bennelong results include:-

Come And Try It - Orienteering at Allambie Heights

Interested in orienteering but yet to give it a go? Looking for something fun to do on a Sunday? Need a motivational push to get outside? Bennelong Northside Orienteers is hosting a Sunday morning event in the Manly Dam reserve, starting from Allambie Heights Oval. This is a Come-And-Try-It event so it's all about fun and everybody is welcome!

MetrO League 4 - Allambie Heights

Bennelong Northside Orienteers is hosting the 4th round of the MetrO League series at Allambie Heights! Taking us in to the Manly Dam Reserve, courses will make use of the numerous rock and water features. The bush is quite thick so most courses will make use of the tracks and trails.

The Great NOSH Wrap-Up


Despite the rain the night before, 312 keen trail runners were not afraid to get their feet wet, and rocked up nice and early to Lindfield Oval to register for the NOSH, hug a warm cup of caffeinated bean juice and debate battle strategies for the race ahead.

The race started with some drizzling rain to the sound of the horn at 10am on the dot. Only five minutes later, just about when the leaders were hitting the single track, the heavens dumped a torrent of rain and winds started to whip up. While this was a freak storm, with over an inch of rain in 20 minutes, this is the weather that the NOSH has started to become synonymous with.

The rain made for a very exciting race, especially at the new creek crossing mandated by NPWS. A very big special thanks to Rodney, the marshal who was assisting at the creek crossing. We are continuing to work with NPWS to find a resolution which could involve a further course change or increased track maintenance efforts, and are working on our emergency action plan to make available enough volunteer traffic controllers on standby we can divert the course onto the streets in Killarney Heights if required and avoid having to cancel the race under such weather conditions.


A big special thanks to all our volunteers who braved the wind, rain and cold to organise the event, mark the course, set up, take registrations, marshal, operate drink stations, record finish times, write up certificates, give first aid, and physio assessment, pack up and dry out equipment. Without them this event would simply not be possible. We also have to thank the Seaforth Soccer club for the hot food and drinks at the finish and the use of their locker rooms for our time recorders and soggy competitors! 

We also have to thank the Ku-ring-gai Council and NPWS for clearing the four trees that were down on the Two Creeks and Magazine tracks. 

Race Winners
1st - Matty Abel (68:09)
2nd - Geoffrey Berkley (70:53)
3rd - Oscar McNutty (70:55)

Prizes: Special thanks to our sponsor Northside Runners who provided some great prizes including some awesome Oakley specs! Full results including placings for each category are here.

Stats!: 61% of entrants were male, 39% female. The largest age group was the 30-39 year olds with 122 runners, followed closely by the 40-49s with 110. We had four competitors in the over 70 category. All competitors who started the race made it to the finish, with the last of the walkers finishing at 1:36PM.



Social Media!

Unfortunately due to the horizontal rain we weren't able to get our usual finish line hero shots, but thanks to social media we can share with you some links from people who did get some photos and video!

ONSW's Race Photos after Roseville Bridge
Darren and Joel's NOSH video
Rob Bennett's headcam race start video
Rob Bennett's headcam highlights video
dry weather course photos

The NOSH has also been mentioned in a few blogs!

From race winner, Matty Abel
From Uringa Orienteers (6km drink station)
From Istvan Kertesz (in Hungarian)
From Nicolas Arney

We received quite a few thank you emails from competitors which we really appreciated! If you have any photos, video or a blog about the race email us here and we'll add you to this list!

NOSH Shirts

If you didn't make it in to collect your shirt, email me here to organise a pick up.

Lost Property

I still have a beach towel, a small Nike drink bottle and two pairs of shoes (one pair of New Balance and one pair of Asics) that were left in the changerooms at Seaforth Oval and around the building. Email me here if they are yours.

'til next year!



QB3 has just been completed. The weather was a lot better than the previous weekend for the NOSH. Bennelong placegetters were:

  • Steve Flick 1st M65A
  • Gordon Wilson 2nd M60A
  • Peter Thomason 2nd MOpenB
  • Terry Bluett 3rd M65A
  • Bruce Dawkins 3rd M70A
  • Graham Galbraith 3rd M55AS

Also on the long weekend there was a big event in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia, Wayne Pepper and Rob Spry went over for that event and both had good wins in their grades.

Southern Highlands News article on QBIII: here

NOSH: Provisional Results

Provisional results are now online here!

The NOSH is still on!

It might be a bit wet today, but the NOSH is still on! Don;t forget to bring some dry clothes to change into after the run! 

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