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December 2012

C5D Half Time Update

I'm sitting here with my feet up (and an ankle in ice) , a JD and coke, and some pringles, so what better time to give a half time update for the Christmas 5 Days orienteering carnival at Beechworth, Victoria?! There is a good contingent of Bennelongers here and we are all having a great time!
Day 1 - Magenta Road, Chiltern

Membership Renewals

A a quick reminder to renew your club membership for 2013, so you don't miss out on the discounted entries in the new year. Membership renewals can be paid online through OANSW's TryBooking site here, or by completing a form and posting in a cheque.

The DuO Continues...

Sunday December 1 was the second DuO event in the season and the organisers had put on a spectacular event for us! This time round the masses decended on Bluegum Hills Regional Park, just off Newcastle Link Road between the F3 and Newcastle city.

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