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Come And Try It - Orienteering at Allambie Heights

Interested in orienteering but yet to give it a go? Looking for something fun to do on a Sunday? Need a motivational push to get outside? Bennelong Northside Orienteers is hosting a Sunday morning event in the Manly Dam reserve, starting from Allambie Heights Oval. This is a Come-And-Try-It event so it's all about fun and everybody is welcome! Details are yet to be finalised, but we expect that there will be three courses on offer for entry on the day:

Very Easy is the easiest course and typically sticks around the park area at the event centre, attached to fences, signs and playground equipment. The course is suitable for young kids who want to do the course on their own without mum or dad's hand. You won't need a compass but its a great course to practice using one on if you are learning.
Easy ventures a bit further but all controls will be in the oval, along vehicle tracks or on walking trails. Again, you should be able to make it through without a compass but it can be fun to test out your bearings.
Moderate is the most difficult course on offer. It makes use of tracks and trails for getting about, but puts the controls up on features like on boulders, in creeks and in depressions usually up to 10 metres off the track. You might need to use a compass to work out which direction to head off the track to get to the control.

You can go as fast or slow as you like. At a single event we will often have mums and dads with bub in a sling, primary school-age kids racing ahead with mum and dad trying to keep up, teens sprinting around on their own, and grandma and grandpa out and about and taking in the scenery (and often with the quickest course times!). The event is being run in conjunction with the MetrO League orienteering series (MetrO information is here). You can start the course either before or after the MetrO League starters, this is between 9:30 and 10am, or between 10:30 and 11am. We will close the course at 1pm, which means if you are still out you must abandon your course and head directly back to the finish. Depending on your experience and speed it typically takes the professionals about 40 minutes to complete the most difficult course but those new to orienteering can take 2 hours. We will have club members at the event in force, so if you haven't been orienteering before or would like some tips on reading a map or using a compass please don't hesitate to ask any Bennelong Northside member for help. We love our sport and we love sharing it with others! Hope to see you there!

Course Setter: The course is being set by Terry Bluett.

Where: Allambie Heights Oval, Allambie Heights.

Map: Manly Dam, Scale 10000:1

Price: Adult entries are $13, with ONSW members receiving a $3 discount. Junior  entries are $10 and sub-juniors (<13yrs) $8 (member discount $3). If you want to team up with a friend that's ok. Entry price is based on the oldest person in the group. Additional maps are available for $2 for starters after 10:30am only.


Sunday 23 June 2013, 9:30am

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