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November 2013

Members do well at presentation night

At the orienteering presentation night I picked up awards for the following Bennelong members. I will bring them along to Wednesday's summer series.

The awards are:

Premiers in Division 2 Metro League - Joel Putnam, Darren Slattery, Gordon Wilson, Marina Iskhakova, Fedor Iskhakov, Mel Cox, Wayne Pepper, and Adam Halmy.

Orienteer of the Year - Michael Halmy 1st M45AS, Darren Slattery 2nd M21AS, Gordon Wilson 2nd M60A, Steve Flick 2nd M65A, Marina Iskhakova 3rd W21A, and Graham Galbraith 3rd M55AS.

Mountain Bike Super Series - Marina Iskhakova 1st Womens Course 1

Duo - Marina Iskhakova 3rd female on the Twisted course 

Congratulations all!

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